How Working During Retirement Impacts Your Social Security Benefits


Do you plan to work while retired and receiving Social Security benefits?

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you’re ready to slow down. Plenty of individuals continue to work later in life, whether it’s as an advisor at their previous company, part-time or seasonal work, or even volunteering with a local nonprofit.

In fact, two-thirds of Americans plan to work during retirement, according to the 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey. If you’re one of them, here are a few opportunities to consider, and how working now can impact your Social Security benefits down the line. Read more

Helping Your Kids Become Financially Savvy Throughout Their Lives


Your family plays a big role in your financial security.

We worry that our parents might outlive their retirement savings and need additional help from us. We’re comforted by the thought that family members will likely be willing to help us out if we get into money trouble. We strive to help our children financially, both now and through an inheritance later.

Our familial bonds can be both an asset and a liability, but by raising financially savvy children and helping them make sound financial decisions as young adults, you can help keep them from becoming a drain on your savings. Read more

Understanding Required Minimum Distribution Rules


If you have a retirement account such as an IRA or 401k, chances are once you reach 70 1/2 years old, you will be required to take minimum yearly distributions. How much these distributions are, when you have to take them, and whether you meet this requirement depends on several factors. Read more

Is Divorce Settlement Money Taxable?


Divorce is difficult enough on its own, but figuring out the tax implications makes it even more complicated.

A divorce requires the division of all marital assets, from property to retirement savings. While sorting out which spouse will end up with what assets is the primary focus of divorce proceedings, it is also important to consider how taxes may affect each individual.

Learn how support payments, housing, and retirement accounts can impact your financials during a divorce. Read more