5 Wishes Living Will

What is Five Wishes?

Five Wishes is America’s most popular living will, published and distributed by the national nonprofit organization Aging with Dignity.

This easy-to-use document allows you to describe exactly what good care means to you through checkboxes, circled answers, and short sentences. It breaks down the personal, spiritual, medical, and legal aspects of aging so you can receive the comfort and health care you desire.

The Five Wishes include:

  • Wish One: Establishes who you want to make health care decisions for you when you can no longer make them for yourself*
  • Wish Two: Outlines the kind of medical treatments you wish to receive, including life support
  • Wish Three: Explains what comfort means to you, including the level of pain management you’d like to receive
  • Wish Four: Tells your loved ones how you wish to be treated in your final days, including whether you’d prefer to die at home
  • Wish Five: Supports your loved ones after your death by noting any preferences you have for your memorial and/or funeral

Over 25 million individuals have used this resource to express their last wishes since 1996. It’s available in 28 languages and Braille, and was written with the help of The American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging.

*Important Notice for Texas Residents: Five Wishes is not considered a complete legal document in Texas. You must complete their government-approved form (available for download in English here or in Spanish here) to establish your Medical Power of Attorney. You may then attach your Five Wishes document to provide guidance to your Medical Power of Attorney.

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How Five Wishes Living Will Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

When someone can no longer make their own health care decisions, that responsibility falls on a loved one’s shoulders. This individual then has to make important choices regarding life support, personal care, funeral services, and more.

By completing your living will today, you take the guesswork out. Your loved ones can focus on spending time with you and remembering your life together, and not worry about whether you would be happy with the decisions they’re making on your behalf.

Five Wishes is valuable for any adult to help begin important conversations about aging. We encourage you to share this gift with all those over 18 in your family to ensure you’re all prepared.

Request Your Free Copy from BP Financial

BP Financial is committed to helping you achieve the financial freedom you need to have the retirement you deserve.

During financial planning, end of care treatment often comes up. This can include where your assets will go after you pass and if you wish to pay for hospice care.

Five Wishes helps you and your family outline exactly how you wish to be cared for in your last days, so your loved ones aren’t left with the burden of trying to make decisions on your behalf.

Request your free copy of Five Wishes today by contacting Brett Pittsenbargar at BP Financial.